A Journey into the World of Bollywood

Bollywood has been around for about 108 years and is the largest film production industry in the world! “Bollywood, Hindi-language sector of the Indian moviemaking industry that began in Bombay (now Mumbai) in the 1930s and developed into an enormous film empire” (Britannica, 2020, para. 1). Today’s blog will dive into five successful film companies in the industry that have created advertisements for a progressive nation. Being around from the fifties and beyond, Dharma Productions, Nadiadwala and Grandson, Excel Entertainment, Shemaroo, and Yash Raj films, have produced some of Bollywood’s biggest hits!

Dharma Productions

First up is Dharma productions, the largest film production company in India, known for its rom-coms and family favorites, which are carefully curated into this collage. “Today, Dharma Productions is the most sought after production house in the country and is constantly aiming at creating new benchmarks in the Indian film industry” (Dharma Productions, n.d.). The advertisement compiled above exemplifies both a copy-driven and image-driven message. Initially, the eyes are drawn to the Dharma Productions logo directly in the center, then focuses on each image throughout the advertisement to evoke emotions related to the films they come from. Audiences focus on the logo which is more prominent than the images, but the secondary focus are the images. Taking a look at this as the bigger picture, it kind of follows the rule of thirds by dividing the top and bottom rows of pictures by the logo layered on top of a border. However, with the rows of images being four by eight, the rule of thirds is not as justified. Mainly, this advertisement is an emphasis on brand, since the company has been around for about 65 years, the loyal customers experience joy when revisiting the scenes captured in the stills in the collage.

Nadiadwala and Grandson

Here we have Nadiadwala and Grandson, their films include comedies, thought-provoking films, and rom-coms as well many of which are listed here. With six decades of films in the industry, Nadiadwala and Grandson has dipped into every genre of film and continues to grow its legacy (Nadiadwala and Grandson, n.d.). The emphasis lies on the Nadiadwala and Grandson logo in the center, which is a glowing white like the northern star. The contrast between the size of the logo and movie titles surrounding make a clear focus on the center. There is more contrast in the background night sky with the movie titles as the pops of color across the image. It seems as though there is a balance of movie titles in the image. The proximity of each title gives enough distant to capture the essence of each movie before moving the eyes to the next title. Each of these films are carefully chosen by popularity to appeal to the audiences as reliving the company’s years in business.

Excel Entertainment

Excel Entertainment was created by a Bollywood Superstar who has had a hand in several production from on-screen to off-screen dipping into writing, producing, directing, music, and of course, acting. “Always looking towards the future, Excel Entertainment is determined to achieve their goals of placing India on the global map of international cinema by showcasing their award winning movies to a worldwide audience” (Excel Entertainment, n.d.). Films in this company appeal to expose some underlying issues within the country with some true stories and have also created light-hearted family films as well. The advertisement above shows some of their greatest works with the layered company name. Immediately, focus is on the company name, then to the two larger film and show poster in the center. The clean leading lines in this advertisement separate each film poster to show separation from each film. Balance lies in the fact that there are two rows of films with symmetrical separation between each. Excel movies showcase their best films with a as a brand strategy to evoke thought and provoke audiences to watch the truths unfold.


India Khush Hua means India Felt Happy

Shemaroo’s advertisement thrives on bringing joy to the Indian community with their brand. “Shemaroo Entertainment Limited is a leading Indian content power house with a global reach, which has been playing a pioneering role in the arena of content ownership, aggregation and distribution” (Shemaroo Entertaiment, n.d.). The first thing that pulls focus and is emphasized is the India Khush Hua in the center, which has intricate cartoonized images from movie stills. The use of colors in and around the letters draw back to the logo, which has the same set of colors bringing the association to the brand. Movement in this image brings the eyes from the top to the bottom with the colorful dots decreasing in size as it comes down the advertisement. Splitting the two colorful text images by black writing creates a good separation as it creates contrast with white space within a color scheme from top to bottom. Shemaroo has rebranded itself several times to fit with the transition of technology in different mediums, through this ad, they are able to convey the message of Shemaroo Ent. being equal to a happy nation.

Yash Raj

Yash Raj films has been around since 1970; shortly before the passing of its Founder, Yash Chopra, his two sons Aditya and Uday decided to rebrand the company for the youth. “A dynamic, vibrant start-up at the intersection of films, creativity and youth culture that hopes to challenge the norm and detonate boundaries. Giving the youth a creative outlet and voice that will entertain and unite on film and beyond” (Yash Raj Films, 2011). Due to the fact that youth were the majority of movie-goers, they decided to make films that were catered to their generation. Hence, the advertisement above was formed to make films that were “anti-rom-com” to suit the target audience of today’s youth. There is an emphasis on the Y-shaped hand in the middle with the use of white space around to focus on the hand. The hand represents the Y for the company logo, from that point, the youth at the bottom are seen with the same Y-shaped hand gestures. The contrast of the colors red, black, and white combine to draw attention to the white pieces first that are associated with the company and what it stands for. Then, the black writing along with the black image at the bottom work together. Finally the red ties it altogether with a perfect balance. Each section of words and images correlate with each other based on their colors to reflect a connection between the two. The target audience would respond well to this advertisement as it talks about revolution and the hand gestures present a rebellious nature, which shows progression of the industry and nation as a whole.


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