Text Ads for Film Production Houses?

Welcome back for another exciting week of analyzing Bollywood advertisements! This week’s focus is text-based ads that present a voice, attitude, or message to its target audience. I will continue to build off of the same companies as before: Dharma Productions, Nadiadwala and Grandson Entertainment, Excel Entertainment, Shemaroo Entertainment, and Yash Raj Films.

Dharma Productions

The advertisement above was created for the promotions of the film “Bhoot” (Ghost), which is the first horror film that Dharma has ventured into in their years in the industry. For this film, to create buzz and excitement, the advertisement was posted on Facebook before the announcement of the film. The use of the font in the advertisement is to symbolize fear and horror that the film will bring to audiences. This particular font reminds me of a similar font used in the “Why So Serious?” ad for the Joker in Batman; it’s dark, cynical, and borderline creepy, which is what Dharma is trying to portray by this advertisement. Viewers of this advertisement will most likely focus on the words since they are the centered focal point of the image. The contrast created by the white words against the black background is to create emphasis and importance to the statement. Thus, presenting the message of a shift in how audiences view the body of work by Dharma Productions. Mainly, Dharma provides a major appeal to the emotions of love, humor, and music, with this, they are moving towards the appeal of fear.

Nadiadwala and Grandson Entertainment

“83” produced by Nadiadwala and Grandson Entertainment is an Indian sports drama film. The film was set to release August 7, 2020, however, due to the prolonged pandemic, the team released this announcement. The font style for this seems to be Arial Narrow, which seems to be chosen for its ability to fit within the borders of the image while still creating enough spacing between lines. Spacing between the line in this advertisement help to create a general proximity between each segment of the message this ad is getting across. The gold background gives a sense of compassion, courage, and illumination reflecting on the film’s deeper insight of an athlete’s persona.

Excel Entertainment

In this advertisement, Excel Entertainment has made a play to get viewers to think about the characters in each “house” for quarantine. The font choice is simple and to the point using the occasional bold lettering to make connections. Excel Entertainment’s choice in font for this is nothing to extravagant and mainly, just to get the message across while being visually appealing. Focus and emphasis are placed on the words “Quarantine House” and “House 1, 2, 3, etc.” to build that connection that: if you chose this house, these are the people you’re stuck with. The rule of thirds is also used here with three horizontal rows and three vertical rows keeping a visual balance. Audiences that view this will read through each house and reflect on their memories of the character and films correlating to each character. Proximity and contrast are applied by the white words against a red background with equal spacing between each house and the question in the heading.


Shemaroo Entertainment released this advertisement as a ploy to get audiences to watch the film “The Hidden Strike,” but also to thank the Indian Army for their efforts to protect the country. The font used here seems to be Arial Black, which has a resemblance to a soldiers stance in the upright, proper position with clean lines. There is a clear use of visual hierarchy as the eyes move from top to bottom on the advertisement. The consistent use of the barbed wire in between each section of text shows a prominent connection to the film’s use of the same barbed wire around the text. Thanking the Indian Army is the primary message of this ad that leads to a contest for individuals to participate in and receive free tickets to watch the film. The yellow highlighted hashtag and Shemaroo social media handle tell audiences to post their pictures on social media using those two tags to be included in the contest.

Yash Raj Films

Yash Raj Films came out with this ad shortly after the pandemic started to urge people to stay home while also advertising the film “War” that was released months before the pandemic. The font here is shaped in box lettering and fits with the symbolism of a soldier in the upright position. When viewing this advertisement, the eyes pull focus on the word war in the middle due to its different in font and color contrast from the rest of the text that correlate with the film title. Looking at the bigger picture, the advertisement is split into the rule of thirds by color scheme, the top and bottom two lines are a fiery, orange color different from the metallic, bullet silver line in the middle, which creates a balance in the image.


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