Synergy-Based Bollywood Ads

Today’s topic covers synergy-based advertisements that only work well in sync and do not work if there is one without the other. The Bollywood advertisements that are focused on in this blog are from the same companies as before to keep the momentum going.

Dharma Productions

In the advertisement above, Dharma Productions plays on the film concept of each frame being just as important as the next and uses stills from some of their popular films. It seems that this advertisement is drive by the text and supported by the images. If the text was missing, it would just be characters on the page. The words give importance to the images by showing a frame from each of the films, the image and text work together to show that a story is made up by the parts of each frame evoking emotion in the audiences. There is a sense of unity in the three different characters on one side of the advertisement balanced out by the words on the other side. The unity in the characters function as a single unit to show a frame from each film as part of the whole story. The dark background faintly shows images from each film as a sort of negative film. Orange dragging across the middle is the major pop of color which is also associated with Dharma Productions color palette, which contrasts with the other images and background. There is a close proximity between all the elements in the advertisement.

Nadiadwala and Grandson Entertainment

Nadiadwala and Grandson Entertainment created this advertisement as a way to showcase the prominent film genres they have explored. In this advertisement, the images and text work together, it is not prominently driven by either of the two. However, if the text did not exist, the advertisement would look like a cramped compilations of nonsensical images. If the images did not exist, they would just be words on a background. Each word has the same color pattern using darker tones of the rainbow with a purple glow around each one. The images together present unity as they are in a close proximity line on the page. The images and backgrounds transition into each other as one looks across the advertisement.

Excel Entertainment

Excel Entertainment placed this advertisement when they were promoting the film shown above about three friends finding their way back to one another with obstacles along the way. In terms of visual hierarchy, the words come first, then the image of the three friends. If either part were missing, you wouldn’t be able to put two and two together. The fright, excitement, and determination shown on the face of the three men confirm the statement above that when you have your best friends by your side, you can accomplish anything. The unity of the three friends at the bottom really show strength in their friendship as they will conquer things together, even running from death itself. Red is a prominent color through this advertisement, the red highlighting the word best friend shows a connection to the three friends wearing red around their neck and waist, those are the three best friends that the highlighted words are talking about.

Shemaroo Entertainment

“Duniya se jab doori hai entertainment zaroori hai,” in hindi translates to “When you’re distant from the world entertainment is a necessity.” Shemaroo Entertainment has “Ek naya family entertainment channel,” translating to “A new family entertainment channnel.” When Shemaroo put out a new channel, this advertisement was used to promote their entertainment during the pandemic. The advertisement only works when both the text and images are placed together. The text talks about the new channel, while the images show what is on the new channels. All of the images together on one side and the text on the other shows both proximity and unity by grouping both on opposite sides of the page. Characters shown in the unified image group together to show all of the programs the new channel will have. Text on the opposite side if read together helps a reader make sense of the message that Shemaroo Entertainment is putting out. As always, Shemaroo’s advertisements are always colorful with a neutral background, which keeps their branding alive.

Yash Raj Films

Yash Raj Films placed this advertisement on their social media profiles to promote the idea of staying home and watching their iconic films. This advertisement is text-driven in that it gives purpose to the images surrounding it. If the text did not exist, they would just be stills from the films and there would be no message. If the images were absent, the text would feel plain and meaningless. The unity is in how the images and text come together in the shape of a house reiterating the message of staying home to prevent the spread and instead watch films to stay entertained. Yellow, red, and minty blue are the prominent colors in this advertisement. The yellow and red come together in a kind of comic book style with the snippets around it against the minty blue background.


Images were pulled from the Facebook official handles of each film company.

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