Bollywood Visual Ads

Welcome to week three of advertisement analysis! This week I am focusing on the visual aspects of advertisements following the same companies, Dharma Productions, Nadiadwala and Grandson Entertainment, Excel Entertainment, Shemaroo Entertainment, and Yash Raj Films.

Dharma Productions

Shown above is the advertisement for the film Gunjan Saxena, which is based on a true story about a girl who aspired to be a pilot, joined the Indian Air Force, and made her dreams come true, no matter how many people stood against her. The picture on the top is from the film, the bottom one is the true story image from Gunjan Saxena. The colors in both pictures go from a dark to light transition, the picture on the top transitions from cooler tones to warmer tones. The bottom image has darker tones like blue and black on the left, then green and light gray on the right. This image’s colors portray the transition of the story from sad and filled with hardship to a heartfelt happy ending when she proves herself and becomes a hero.

Nadiadwala and Grandson Entertainment

Nadiadwala and Grandson Entertainment created the advertisement above to symbolize their branding. Colors in this advertisement focus on blues and greens with hints of other colors within the kites and whites in the buildings. The blue sky with the prominently blue kites at the top help convey the message of rising up. Hierarchy in the advertisement are created by the blue sky at the top and the green grass at the bottom separated by the railings and white buildings in the center of the image. The message conveyed by this advertisement is that the company’s films reach great heights like the kites flying high in the sky.

Excel Entertainment

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (You Don’t Get to Live Life Twice) produced by Excel Entertainment is portrayed in images above showing some of the iconic moments in the film. The colors in the advertisement are different shades of blue with Black, white, a hint of red, and yellow. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’s (ZNMD) iconic moments are not only associated with adventure, but they also portray life-changing moments for the three main characters of the film. The visual hierarchy comes from the the images progressing from the first to the last ending with the title in English, which conveys the message of going adventures because you don’t get a second chance.

Shemaroo Entertainment

Shemaroo’s advertisement goes along with their branding attempts for the India Khush Hua (India Felt Happy) campaign. Colors in this advertisement not only represent the colorfulness Shemaroo, but also represent India and space with a color palette of orange, white, green, blue, and purple. The colors help communicate the message of Shemaroo is taking India’s happiness out of this world! There is not a prominent hierarchy in the advertisement, but the colors of the Indian flag leading to the Shemaroo logo could be considered a form of hierarchy. The story being told by this advertisement is conveyed as Shemaroo going above and beyond to make India happy, so much so that they are taking it out of this world.

Yash Raj Films

Yash Raj Films put out this advertisement for the festival of colors to showcase the iconic moments of Holi and romance in their films. The variety of colors in this advertisement are green, pink, purple, blue, white, and red. It helps convey the message of the vibrance of love by showing couples immersed in color with a cloud of color and Shah Rukh Khan (SRK), the king of romance, in the center. In this advertisement, the story being told is that love is colorful just like Holi and the notorious couples of Yash Raj films.


Photos derived from the official Facebook pages of the companies mentioned above.

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